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From structures, to sidewalks, to swimming pools, All-Florida Concrete Pumping, Inc. is Orlando’s premier concrete pumping service. Our dedication to providing exceptional service to our Central Florida neighbors in Orlando, Winter Park, and surrounding Orange County is only matched by our attention to our craft. Our crew is highly trained and detail-oriented to ensure that your project is not only long lasting but also beautiful, whether it be a concrete driveway or your dream pool.

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To ensure the safety of our employees and of our client’s properties, All-Florida Concrete Pumping, Inc. is licensed and insured as per Florida law. Each of our crew members is equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment so they can safely do their jobs. The All-Florida team stays current on concrete pumping techniques so we can provide the most efficient, reliable service to our clients. In addition, we understand the intricacies of our lovely Florida weather and take precautions to ensure that our concrete is not affected by weather changes as we pump.

We understand that your project deserves the best, which is why we invest in our equipment and our team. That’s why when Orlando contractors need a concrete pumping service, they call us.

Ideal Projects For Concrete Pumping

If you’re unsure of whether you need concrete pumping, your best bet is to speak with an Orlando concrete pumping contractor. Each individual project is different, however, the following projects can benefit from concrete pumping:

  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Pool Decks
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • Concrete Lintels
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Tie-Beams
  • Concrete Block Infills
  • And more!

Visit our projects page to learn more about ideal projects for concrete pumping.

When You Need Concrete Pumping

Utilizing a hydraulic pump and specialized hoses, concrete pumping allows you to quickly pour concrete to minimize wasted time and effort. In addition, concrete pumping can limit the mess of transporting concrete and cut costs by ensuring minimal waste. Add a talented crew with a penchant for good service to the mix and you help ensure your project runs smoothly.

Concrete pumping is ideal when:

  • The concrete mixer cannot reach the pour site. Hills and uneven terrain, existing structures, landscaping, and other obstacles can make it difficult or inadvisable to use a concrete mixer. This is often the case for basements and pools. For best results, a concrete mixer should be able to position itself very close to the pour site. When this isn’t possible, concrete pumping provides an efficient alternative to wheelbarrowing in concrete.
  • Time is of the essence. Pumping is quick and efficient. It can save time on projects with a tight deadline. Wheelbarrowing concrete in can take too long. Imagine needing to pour a large stretch of sidewalk or a concrete platform. Filling a wheelbarrow and maneuvering it into position can create waste (and a mess!). Pumping saves time and helps manage the flow of concrete so the job is completed effectively and to the highest standard.

Concrete Pumping Leads to Stronger Concrete

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Not all concrete is created equally. Concrete is often used in construction because it is a long-lasting and strong material. However, concrete that is poured directly from a mixer and concrete that is pumped to its location don’t necessarily have the same qualities. Because concrete that is delivered via a chute relies on gravity to propel it down the chute and into place, it is often very wet. This reduces its PSI (pressure per square inch), as additional water is added to the dry mix.

Concrete that is delivered via a pump, however, is powered through the hose or hoses. This pressure means that concrete that will be pumped can have a lower water content, making it a denser mix. Once pumped, its strength will likely be closer to 3000 PSI or more depending on the mixture. Concrete from a chute often has a strength closer to 2000 PSI. The strength of your concrete can have an impact on its longevity. For weight-bearing projects, this can be especially important.

Family-Owned and Operated

As a family-owned and operated business, All-Florida Concrete Pumping, Inc. provides friendly, efficient service with a goal of excellence. We know that every project is important and we approach each with a logistical eye to determine the best way to get from a concrete mixer to a finished patio, sidewalk, or pool.

As one of the best Orlando, Florida, concrete pumping services, we are dedicated to completing each of our projects in a manner that satisfies our amazing clients. We are pleased to work with contractors, homeowners, builders, and property owners on both residential and commercial projects.

To get a free estimate and to learn more about All-Florida Concrete Pumping, Inc. and how we can help you with your project, contact us today.